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亚搏手机版APP下载官网_爷青结!B费红魔生涯首次失点 但18场造20球他仍是大腿
名称:亚搏手机版APP下载官网_爷青结!B费红魔生涯首次失点 但18场造20球他仍是大腿

At St James's Park in northeastern England, Manchester United defeated Newcastle 4-1. The first 2 minutes to lose the ball, so that the big stone in Momi's heart hangs. At the crucial moment, Bruno Fernandez came forward again. But this time, he made the fans feel like a roller coaster experience.


In the last round of the Premier League, Manchester United lost 1-6 to Tottenham. According to British media rumors, during the intermission, B Fee criticized his teammates in the locker room and even questioned Solskjaer's tactical play. The generals fell apart and were replaced at halftime. The Portuguese star responded quickly and publicly denied it, but many people still didn't believe it: "It's really an infighting, can he admit it himself?" So, the most powerful response is to defend Sochaux with practical actions on the court Handsome.


As a guest at Newcastle, Fee B continued to make his debut and continued to show his "thighs". Manchester United lost the ball in a flash in 2 minutes and Luke Shaw gave an own gift. B Fee once "equalized the score" in the 19th minute: he took Mata back from the penalty area and scored with his right foot. Unfortunately, the latter was offside first and the goal was invalid!

作为纽卡斯尔亚搏手机版APP下载官网的客人,Feel B首次亮相并继续展现他的“大腿”。曼彻斯特联队在短短2分钟内就将球丢了,卢克·肖赠送了自己的礼物。 B Fee在第19分钟曾经“平均得分”:他将Mata从禁区带回,用右脚得分。不幸的是,后者首先越位,目标无效!

In the 23rd minute, Manchester United finally equalized. The goal was still from B Fei: he found Mata with a through kick, the Spanish veteran shot to create a corner kick, and sent a precise cross, assisted by Maguire header knocked off. However, after the six-goal tragedy, for the Red Devils, a mere one point is obviously insatiable, and winning is the only option.

在第23分钟,曼联终于扳平比分。进球仍然来自费非(B Fei):他找到了马塔(Mata)直传球,这位西班牙老将开出角球,并送出精准的传中,马奎尔头球助攻。然而,在经历了六球惨案之后,对于红魔来说,仅亚搏手机版APP下载官网仅获得一分显然是无法满足的,而获胜是唯一的选择。

In the 58th minute, the chance to win came. Referee Paulson looked back at VAR and determined that Lewis kicked Rashford in the penalty area and took a penalty! B Fei is not allowed to stand on the 12-yard point, because since joining Manchester United, he has never missed a penalty kick. Prior to this, he made all 10 free throws, a stable batch. However, for the first time after all: Darrow judged the right direction and shut the ball out.

在第58分钟,获胜的机会到了。裁判鲍尔森回头看了看VAR,并确定Lewis在禁区将Rashford踢出并点球! B Fei不允许站在12码处,因为自从加入曼联以来,他从未错过任何点球大战。在此之前,他所有10次罚球都是稳定的。但是,这毕竟是第一次:达罗(Darrow)判断了正确的方向并把球关了。

Statistics show that this is the first time that fee B has missed 18 consecutive penalties in the top league! The last time was back in April 2016, when he played for Udinese and scored a penalty in the Serie A game against Naples and then lost a penalty. What's interesting is that the penalty kick was taken in this game, and B Fee did not use his signature small jump approach, but chose to volley after a short approach. Perhaps it is because of this that his record of consecutive penalty kicks has passed?

统计数据显示,这是费B首次在顶级联赛中连续18个罚球!上一次是在2016年4月,当时他为乌迪内斯效力,在那不勒斯对阵那不勒斯的意甲比赛中得到点球,然后输了点球。有趣的是在这场比赛中点球得分,B Fee没有使用他的标志性小跳投方式,而是选择了短距离后抽射。也许正因为如此,他连续的点球大战的记录已经过去了?

However, fee B was not knocked down by this "accident", on the contrary, there was a desire for redemption. In the 86th minute, Rashford counter-attacked the ball, B Fei all the way to the left side of the penalty area, facing Dallow, a small angle push and score, revenge! With such dexterous and tricky shooting skills, B Fei does not need to rely on penalty kicks to "swipe stats"; in the 96th minute, he sent the iconic and precise long pass again, reciprocating the master, and completed the pass.

但是,费用B并未因这一“意外”而被取消,相反,有赎回的愿望。第86分钟,拉什福德反击皮球,B·菲一路冲向禁区左侧,面对达洛,小角度推射得分,复仇!凭借如此灵巧而狡猾的投篮技巧,B Fei无需依靠罚球就可以获得“挥杆数据”;在第96分钟,他再次发送了标志性且精确的长传,与大师进行了对接并完成了传球。

Since joining Manchester United, Fernandez has contributed 11 goals, 9 assists and participated in 20 goals in 18 Premier League games. His efficiency is quite outstanding and he has scored in the last 3 league matches. In the last round of 1-6 Tottenham, the only score came from his penalty. In this way, B fee has proved his support for Suo Shuai, and once again proved that he is the most indispensable thigh for Manchester United. Of course, the most fortunate thing is that after Cristiano Ronaldo was diagnosed with positive for the new crown, as a national teammate, he was fine!


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[Video: Premier League-Rashford 2 passes and 1 shot B fee lost points + scored goal Manchester United 4-1 reversal of Newcastle




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